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Scratch Removal

You know that sinking feeling you get when you discover that your car has been keyed by the local neighbourhood, mental midget? It’s enough to put a frown on anyone’s face for a long time. It doesn’t have to be that way though! Crystal Mobile Detailing has solutions for car scratch removal that’s sure to turn that frown into a smile.

As a general rule of thumb to find if a scratch is to deep to be buffed out is to run your fingernail over the scratch. If you can feel the scratch, then most likely, it will easily come out. Most surface scratches can be removed with high speed buffing which will also remove wax – so be sure to apply a coat of a wax to your finish.

If scratches go through the painted surface, your best alternative is to contact us and allow us to asses the damage. We can typically repair those deep scratches at a fraction of the cost of a body shop. Crystal Mobile Detailing can repair scratches on doors, fenders and even bumper scuffs. We will also buff the area to a smooth finish. The results will amaze you!

Service Areas

Crystal Mobile Detailing has been providing residential mobile detailing services and commericial mobidle detailing services throughout most of south western Ontario for well over thirty years. Our office is located in Hamilton, Ontario and in near proximity to highway 410 which allows us with an easy and fast access point to virtually any location within our service area - we get to you fast! For a complete list of our service areas and map, please click on the learn more button, below. [View Locations]