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Paint Protection Services

Your automobile is a huge investment so let Crystal Mobile Detailing care for your vehicle’s paint. We offer paint protection in Toronto and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our paint protection service offers a longer lasting shine, is easily maintained and provides your paint with the benefit of increased durability to help your protect your investment, for years to come.

We all understand that pollutants are the number one cause that fades and damage car paint. Crystal Mobile Detailing can help protect your investment from salt, bird droppings, extreme weather and regular, every day wear. We offer superior car paint protection in Brampton and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Superior paint protection, world-class customer service, excellent results – these are just a few of the many reasons Crystal Mobile Detailing is known for. Don’t hesitate to request a quote by filling in our quick contact form on the right or calling us directly at: (647) 787-0002 and a friendly representative will be pleased to answer all of your questions and setup a convenient date and time for your appointment.

Key Benefits of Paint Protection

  • Keeps your vehicle looking newer, longer
  • Improves the items resale value
  • Allows for much easier maintenance of your vehicle
  • Helps block harmful UV rays from damaging your paint
  • Reduces oxidation that causes color and finish fading
  • Helps reduce the negative affects of salt, pollutants, dirt and tar
  • Helps reduce paint-brittle effect

Service Areas

Crystal Mobile Detailing has been providing residential mobile detailing services and commericial mobidle detailing services throughout most of south western Ontario for well over thirty years. Our office is located in Hamilton, Ontario and in near proximity to highway 410 which allows us with an easy and fast access point to virtually any location within our service area - we get to you fast! For a complete list of our service areas and map, please click on the learn more button, below. [View Locations]