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Interior Detailing Services

Detailing is a noun in the English language which refers to the process of thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of a vehicle and doing minor repairs to improve its appearance. Crystal Mobile Detailing has extended our services to include boats, RV’s, motor homes, motorcycles, commercial service and private residential services.

We’ve been performing mobile detailing services, as a family-oriented business for over thirty years and are very well affiliated with some of the best and most recognizable names in many industries. When you book with us, you will be talking directly to those responsible for the success of our company, and your total satisfaction.

With Crystal Mobile Detailing, you simply can’t go wrong. We offer and use only the best eco-friendly products. We come to you at your home or place of business on time, every time. Combine this with the best service in the industry, great rates and a warm, sincere smile and you’ll soon find yourself referring us to all your friends and family.

Car Interior Cleaning Process

We start by securing all of our customers loose items such as sunglass, change, notepads, pens and place them in a zip loc bag which is placed in secure storage and out of the way.

All car floor mats are removed including any trunk mats, vacuumed using a powerful suction vacuum cleaner then pre-treated for stains. All car mats are agitated which brings soil and fibres from the base to the top. We then use high temperature water to shampoo and rinse carpets. Carpets are then dried and reinserted back into your vehicle. This process results in a deep clean that won’t only be noticeable but smell fresh and clean.

Depending on circumstances, we may use highly compressed air, brushes or a combination of both to ensure under and between seats are cleaned. Compressed air is optimal for harder to reach areas such as between cushions, cockpit switches and controls, steering wheel gaps and generally any areas where it may be difficult to clean with rags. Any remaining debris is vacuumed.

Your car’s ceiling, also known as the headliners, will become dirty over time as objects come in contact with it such as hands, hair, etc. Most headliners are glued to the roof, so we need to use extra caution when detailing your headliner. We do not use harsh solvents or soaps on your car’s ceiling as they may eat away at the glue. Let Crystal Mobile Detailing get your headliner back to its original condition.

We meticulously all upper trim components such as plastic pillar facades, seat belt anchors using only appropriate cleaners and de-greasers.

Your leather seats and head rests will be deep cleaned using appropriate brushes , cleaners and conditioners. We deep clean seams, creases, cup holders, book/map pockets and apply only the best conditioners on the market to prolong the beauty of your leather and prolong it’s longevity.

Fabric upholstery is pre-treated for stains and shampooing, rinsed and dried using industry leading cleaners and steam cleaning machines.

We will clean all lower trim parts such as door sills, lower seats, foot wells, seat sections, door panels, ash trays, doors handles, door pulls and windows switches using appropriate cleaners and degreasers.

We finish off by scrubbing your brake, clutch and gas pedals clean with appropriate cleaners and degreasers.

Finally all your items are returned to their original location.

Service Areas

Crystal Mobile Detailing has been providing residential mobile detailing services and commericial mobidle detailing services throughout most of south western Ontario for well over thirty years. Our office is located in Hamilton, Ontario and in near proximity to highway 410 which allows us with an easy and fast access point to virtually any location within our service area - we get to you fast! For a complete list of our service areas and map, please click on the learn more button, below. [View Locations]