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Exterior Detailing

Regular car washing is without question an important factor in maintaining the beauty of your car finish and avoiding any undesired damage to your car such as rust. However, you shouldn’t just run your car through the local car was or coin-op car wash, you should detail and wax it at least a couple of times a year, this will ensure salt, dirt and grime don’t accumulate making it a much more difficult to maintain and lower the overall resale value of your car.

Here at Crystal Mobile Detailing, we provide all of our customers superior car detailing in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We don’t only detail car interior, but also have excellent boat detailing service, motorhome detailing services and motorcycle detailing services.

What you will need greatly depends on the current condition of your car’s finish. If your automatable has been regularly maintained and waxed, we may only need to cover a few items. On the other hand, if your car hasn’t been washed and waxed or has a neglected finish we may need to call in some of our heavy artillery such as the clay bar polishing machines, deep cleaning steam vacuums and the such.

For neglected finishes, we highly recommend the clay bar. Crystal Mobile Detailing can apply clay bar to your vehicle to remove deep found in dirt and stains without any damage to the car’s finish. This is particularly true on newer cars which use a clear-coat paint. After claying you will notice a smoother surface.