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Automotive Detailing Services

Autmotive Detailing Services

Crystal Mobile Detailing specializes in meticulous car detailing, paint restoration, boat detailing, motorhome detailing and motorcycle detailing services. We offer maximum value and ensure your item is returned to you in showroom condition, always. With over thirty years of experience we are the only contact you will need for all of your detailing needs and will treat your vehicle as it were you own. We offer customized services and affordable prices which sets us apart in a competitive market and promise to use only the best environmentally sound products when working on your car.

Here is just a sample of our services. For more details, don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience at: (647) 787-0002

Automotive Detailing Packages:

Bronze   Silver   Gold   Platinum  
Complete exterior wash   full exterior wash   full exterior wash   full exterior wash  
reconditioning of plastic and vinyl   carpets, mats and seats cleaned   wax application   wax application  
carpets and matts cleaned   cargo area cleaned   carpets, matts, seats, and cargo vacumed   clay bar treatment  
doors and trunk wiped   wheel rim treatment   interior shampoo of carpets, matts and seats   rims waxed  
clean all seats and cargo area   leather cleaned and conditioned   leather cleaned and conditioned   head lines cleaned  
clean trunk   interior shampoo of matts, carpets and seats   door and trunk jams wiped   carpets, matts, seats and trunk vacuumed  
clean tires   leather cleaned and conditioned   Interior plastic and vinyl dressed   interior shampoo mats, carpets and seats  
    wax application   interior and exteriror windows cleaned   leather cleaned and conditioned  
    interior and exterior windows cleaned   clay bar treatment   door and trunk jams wiped  
    hard to reach areas disinfected   rims waxed   interior and exterior windows cleaned  
    All carpets, matts, seats and cargo area cleaned   exterior plastic and vinyl rejuvenated   exterior plastic and vinyl cleaned  
            complete polishing and buffing  
    Add On's   Add On's   crome and aluminum polish  
            fabric protection - carpets and seats  
    Head Light Restoration   odor removal      
    Leather conditioning   clay bar   Add On's  
            Fabric guard