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Welcome to our spot on the web - we are pleased that you have decided to learn more about Crystal Mobile Detailing, our history, our detailing services and our family operated business and look forward to being of assistance to you.

What exactly is car detailing? That’s a good question, but let’s take a look at its definition. Detailing is a noun in the English language which refers to the process of thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of a vehicle and doing minor repairs, such as scratch removal to improve its appearance. Easier said, than done, but that’s why we have experienced specialists, equipped with the machinery, skills and products to bring out the very best possible cleaning of your car and restore it to a show room shine.

We don’t just stop just at car detailing, shampooing carpets, buffing, and restoring your car to its original shine. As a matter of fact, If it has wheels, or can be sailed on the open waters, we can detail it. That’s right! If your toy collection extends to a boat or yacht, we can get it crystal clean and ready to set sail on the open waters.

Have a motorcycle? Need a motorcycle detailing service? Wonderful! We love motorbikes! Allow us to get your bike shining clean, we will polish all the chrome, restore the finish and so much more. Motorbike detailing is onto itself an art and while the products and techniques are relativley the same, we have to use extra caution around chains and electrical components. Aluminim sheel spokes are a very time and labour intensive process but we can get them looking new - but let's face it, riding it is a lot more fun than cleaning it!

When was the last time you degreased your engine? We frequently see many vehicles with ten or more years of oil spills, gunk and dirt build up and can tell you that its not a pretty site. However, we have all the necessary tools, environmentally sound cleaning solutions to remove baked on dirt, grease, oil and apply a fresh coat of sealant making it more difficult for grime, gunk and oil spills to accumulate. Remember, a clean engine runs cooler, saves you on maintenance costs

As you can see we are well prepared to handle virtually any task and the best part of all this is that we can come to you, at your home, office or even right up to your boat dock. We carry with us leading brand-name products to bring out that luster and shine in your car, boat, motorhome or motorcycle. We also carry with us all the necessary buffing, steam cleainig and power washing equipment needed to complete the job and have been a family run business for over thirty years. During this time we have become affiliated with some of the best and most recognized names in many indusries. When you book with ys, you will be communicating with the owners and operators of Crystal Mobile Detailing. We want to ensure your total satisfaction as our first priority.

Service Areas

Crystal Mobile Detailing has been providing residential mobile detailing services and commericial mobidle detailing services throughout most of south western Ontario for well over thirty years. Our office is located in Hamilton, Ontario and in near proximity to highway 410 which allows us with an easy and fast access point to virtually any location within our service area - we get to you fast! For a complete list of our service areas and map, please click on the learn more button, below. [View Locations]